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Renewing Socialism : Transforming Democracy, Strategy and Imagination

Author(s) : Leo Panitch ,
Region : | Language : English | Product Binding : Hardbound | Page No. : 240 | Year : 2010
ISBN : 9789350020821

INR : 550.00

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Intellectually and politically engaging, Renewing Socialism examines the failures of socialism in the twentieth century and explores the nature of global capitalism, offering a vision of a reinvigorated socialism to ambitiously counter the current debilitating pessimism.

While democracy and equality remain the goals of socialism, new conditions require imaginative new strategies. Panitch stresses the need for re-founding, reorganizing and re-democratizing labour movements and calls for a change of focus from the accumulation of capital to the accumulation of capacities: political, economic, social, environmental and human.

This new edition includes an interview with the author in which he discusses:

  • the impact of American imperialism on left strategies worldwide;
  • what common interests work for solidarity and against divisions of race, gender and class;
  • whether, as green parties turn towards market socialism, there is space left for a red-green anti-capitalist coalition;
  • if new socialist parties can avoid the mistakes of communist and social democratic parties in the twentieth century.


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