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Democracy and Education; An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education

John Dewey

INR : 295.00 View Details

Maturity and Stagnation in American Capitalism

Josef Steindl

INR : 295.00 View Details

The History of the Russian Revolution (3 Vols.)

Leon Trotsky

INR : 995.00 View Details

The Secret of Childhood

Maria Montessori

INR : 295.00 View Details

The School and Society

John Dewey

INR : 195.00 View Details

The Transition From Feudalism to Capitalism

Rodney Hilton

INR : 250.00 View Details

The Theory of the Leisure Class; An Economic Study of Institutions

Thorstein Veblen

INR : 295.00 View Details

The Dialectics of the Abstract and the Concrete in Marx's Capital

E V Ilyenkov

INR : 325.00 View Details

The Decline of Capitalism

Eugen Varga

INR : 295.00 View Details