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MORE TRANSGRESSIONS: Poems Inspired by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Anjum Altaf

Region : World | Language : English | Product Binding : Hardbound | Year : 2021
ISBN : 9789383723935

INR : 295.00


"...innovative and thought provoking." - Amina Yaqin, academic

"Transgressions is nostalgia, an extension of the most important verses of my life. To me, this book is a simple pretext for happiness, a cheerful walk in the garden of my memories." - Beegul, playwright

"...extremely powerful and persuasive." - Ejaz Rahim, poet

"Some superb poetry of protest." - Harbans Mukhia, historian

"...a new genre in the world of Urdu, a contribution that deserves praise and appreciation." - Iftikhar Arif, poet

"In the Indo-Persian tradition appreciation for a verse or poem is usually expressed through exclamations of wah or khoob. Anjum Altaf's manner of paying homage to Faiz is more innovative and creative. He has written parallel poems re-expressing the original, relating it to his own person and the world around him. Thought provoking." - Khalid Ahmad, director

"...a rare and original collection of Pakistani English poetry..." - Muneeza Shamsie, critic

"Like the genle morning breeze which catches you unawares and which Fais has spoken of so often, these renderings by Anjum Altaf embody the promise of the day to come..." - Salima Hashmi, artist


Faiz Ahmed Faiz is considered among the most popular modern poets of Urdu. The poems in this collection are inspired by his poetry. Each poem corresponds to one by Faiz but is not a translation of it. Rather it reflects the author's thoughts on the theme of the poem. 

Anjum Altaf is a South Asian living in Lahore.


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