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Marxist Politics

Md. Ayub Mallick

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ISBN : 9789350021262

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The book deals with the main doctrines of Marxist politics - the state of the most powerful, economically dominant class through the medium of the State becomes the politically dominant class acquiring the means of holding down and exploiting the oppressed class, who, in turn, retaliate against this oppression. Clearly and simply written, the book explores the views of classical Marxists along with the findings of Western and Analytical Marxists. It also shows a distinction between Marxista and non-Marxist views on politics. Their points of difference as well as their common roots are thus clearly accounted for. Marxist politics is a coherent system of ideas and theories of class, class struggle, party, revolution and the state developed in response to a series of majore and interrelated changes - the emergence of a capitalist economy, the rise of the modern nation-state and the development of modern science, which transformed both the society and politics. This book is intended to explore these ideas and theories. Particular emphasis has been putted on the ideas and views of critical Marxists in a separate chapter. Clearly and analytically written, the book includes brief bibliographical details of major individual thinkers as well as an annotated bibliography which gies guidance to further reading.


Md. Ayub Mallick, currently teaching and assocaited with research in the Department of Political Scicence, Kalyani University, and has received numerous research grants and fellowships during his rich and distinguished career. A prolific author, he has so far written numerous books on India, including Congress(I) in Opposition during the First Two Left Front Governments in West Bengal, Panchayati Raj and Tribal Development in West Bengal, and Development Programmes and Trobal Scenario. He lectured widely and presented papers both in national and international conferences. Further, he is also a member of various research organisations and actively engaged in research activities relating to his areas and interest.


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