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Reinterrogating the Classical Marxist Discourses of Revolutionary Democracy

Soma Marik

Region : World | Language : English | Product Binding : Hardbound | Page No. : 537 | Year : 2008
ISBN : 9788189833343

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There has been a clear gap between “history” and “theory” in conventional academic writings on Bolshevism and the Russian revolution, and even on Marx. The first aim of this study is to bridge this gap, by insisting on the historically specific ways in which Marxist theory was created, and by arguing that historically, it was liberalism that was hostile to democracy while Marxism, including pre-revolution Bolshevism, was firmly aligned with democracy. At the same time, the equation between Stalinist dictatorships of all varieties and classical Marxism has been questioned.

An attempt has been made through the book to integrate gender concerns, by integrating the gender issues in discussions on Marx, Engels, German Social Democrats and the Bolsheviks.

Soma Marik is Reader in History, Ramakrishna Sarada Mission Vivekananda Vidyabhavan, and also teaches Women's Studies and History in Jadavpur University.


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