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The Globalization Decade: A Critical Reader

Leo Panitch Colin Leys Alan Zuege Martijn Konings

Region : | Language : | Product Binding : Hardbound | Year : 2006
ISBN : 9788187879695

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The pathbreaking analyses collected in this book, written as the globalization decade unfolded, grasp the radical nature of globalization in a way still unmatched by orthodox commentaries: not as a mere series of ‘reforms’ but as a worldwide transformation of all aspects of life to conform with capitalism’s ruthless logic.

The Globalization Decade challenges conventional wisdom, both right and left. It is not a blueprint for an alternative world order but it shows the principles on which viable alternatives must be based: the restoration of democratic control over investment, and a radically new respect for the limits of the environment.

Leo Panitch, Colin Leys and Alan Zuege are co-editors of the Socialist Register and Martin Konings is at the Department of Political Science, York University, Toronto.


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