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Tara Chand

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This is a collection of first Tagore lectures delivered by Dr. Tara Chand which are an illustration of his deep insight in history. In the first lecture he has analysed the main features of the growth of Indian society and culture and has underlined the causes leading to the emergence of static economy and a rigid social system. Commenting on the lack of historical sense in ancient India. Dr. Tara Chand feels that 'the transitoriness of the states during the formative period of literature was in all probability accountable for the lack of development of historical narrative.' In the second lecture Dr. Tara Chand has emphasised the main aspects of the development of a spirit of cooperation and mutual adjustment existing between the Hidus and Muslims in the medieval times. In the third lecture, the learnjed lecturer has discussed the various aspects of western impact on Indian life and culture and the reaction of the people to the new ideology of the west. From Ram Mohan Roy to Jawaharlal Nehru was ushered in a remarkable age in India in which the contemporary Indian culture took shape. 

The three lectures together enable us not only to grasp the significance of the contributions made in different periods by the leaders of thought but also of the factors responsible for promoting the syncretic attitude.


Tara Chand was an Indian archaeologist and historian specialising int he Ancient History and Culture in India. He taught at Allahabad University and served as Vice-Chacellor in the 1940s.


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