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A Bit of History, A Bit of Politics

Harbans Mukhia

Region : World | Language : English | Product Binding : Hardbound | Page No. : 128 | Year : 2020
ISBN : 9789350026724

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This slim volume is the second anthology of Harbans Mukhia’s newspaper articles; the first was published by Aakar Books way back in 2009. As a professional historian, his discipline also made him a concerned and aware citizen responding to events around. History also often got embroiled in the political events, the reason for the dual focus of his comments, seeking to reach out to fellow citizens beyond his classroom. The comments have their own dynamics keeping pace with the dynamics of the ever-changing national scenario.

Harbans Mukhia taught Medieval history for 44 years, 11 at three of Delhi University's colleges - Kirori Mal, Rajdhani and Hindu - and 33 at JNU. Historians and Historiography During the Reign of Akbar was his first published book, Some of his other publications are: Feudalism and Non-European Societies, (co-edited with TJ Byers); French Studies in History, 2 vols. (co-edited with Maurice Aymard); The Mughals of India; Exploring India's Medieval Centuries: Essays in History, Society, Culture and Technology; Issues in Indian History, Politics and Society; Exploring India's Medieval Centuries; Essays in History, Society, Culture and Technology (Aakar Books)



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