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M N Roy Reader: Essential Writings (3 Vols.)


ISBN 9789350023853


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ISBN 9789350023853


Manabendranath Roy (1887-1954) the founder of the Indian Communist Party in exile, is undoubtedly, India’s foremost revolutionary theorist. His life was an unending quest for freedom – first from the colonial yoke, then under the influence of Marxixm, ‘wage slavery’, and in his last years, from anything that stunts the immense potential of the individual and prevents him from being a free agent in history. A citizen of the world, he took active part in the emancipatory struggles in India, Mexico, revolutionary Russia and China during their crucial years. His writings, astonishing in their scope and vitality, were written in five major languages of the West – English, French, Spanish, German and Russian. This collection, for the first time, seeks to present the entire range of his essential writings – from the stormy Mexico days to the wider vision of the humanistic phase when he was striving to go beyond communism without sacrificing the revolutionary legacy of Marxism.


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