Poverty Amidst Prosperity: Essays on the Trajectory of Development in Gujarat


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ISBN 9789350022047


This collection of papers explores the core features of Gujarat’s growth and its implications for the poor and marginalised. The Gujarat model is an extension of and a more committed implementation of the development model that the ruling classes in India have embarked upon, in particular, since the mid 1980s. So, the consequences of growth and development that Gujarat is experiencing are in many ways a precursor for things to come in other parts of India.

GDP growth in Gujarat has been notable in comparison to the all India level in the last two decades. Other states that have grown at similar rates to Gujarat in the last decade are Maharashtra, Haryana and Tamil Nadu. Unlike these states, the high growth rate in the state of Gujarat is the result of enhanced performance of almost all the sectors and including the agricultural sector. However, only a careful look at the performance figures, in terms of employment, wages, consumption, poverty, inequality, and outcomes in health and education, reveals that that this broad based growth has resulted in very worrisome outcomes in comparison to the other states. Carefully reviewing the cardinal principles of development experience of Gujarat through the analysis of data and information provided by the official sources, the study tells us how goals like social equality, sustainable livelihoods, access to education and health, justice and peace have been abandoned in the race for growth in the high-speed lane.

To comprehend the trajectory of growth in Gujarat in all its dimensions the book examines investment, infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, employment, poverty and inequality, education and health themes.

Atul Soodis a Associate Professor, at the Centre for the Study of Regional Development, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.


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