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ISBN 9789350024966


The book,Practise Marxism Not Revisionism, is not written in a textbook style. It is a collection of articles written at different times against the non-Marxist Leninist or anti-Marxist-Leninist practice of Marxism. Most of the articles included here are related to tactices. The entire history of the international communist movement tells us that revisionism always enters from the backdoor. Immediate political tactics and forms of struggle are generally the backdoors from where revisionism enters the Party. Whether the practice of Marxism is genuine Marxist-Leninst or Non-Marxist-Leninist/ anti-Marxist-Leninst is reflected in the beginning of the immediate political tactics and forms of struggle. Nepali communist movement cannot be an exception to this. When we look at the history of Nepali communist movement, it shows that non-Marxist-Leninist/ anti-Marxist-Leninist practice of Marxism made its entrance with the immediate political tactics and forms of struggle. This is a worldwide phenomenon that the Party leadership cannot deform Marxist-Leninist principles in the beginning. If they attempt it before giving slow poison to party cadres, they would face strong opposition from the majority of the leaders and cadres in the Party. So, they always advance towards their ultimate goal, i.e., revisionism of Marxism to that extent acceptable to the imperialists, practising Marxism in its non-Marxist-Leninist/anti-Marxist-Leninist essence as immediate political tactics and forms of struggle. By doing this, they can spread poisonous weeds in the Party from top to bottom and they succeed in winning the support of the majority of the comrades for revision of Marxism.

Yogendra Dhakal, known by his pen name Ajay Sharma, and born on August 5, 1957 in Nepal, is a prolific writer, and political analyst and intellectual dedicating himself to the cause of revolution through his writings as well as active involvement in the communist movement of Nepal for the last three and a half decades. He was jailed twice for political reasons, once in India in 1986, and then again in Nepal in 1990 during the People’s Movement. His political career began in the Communist Party of Nepal (Mashal), where he actively worked for over twenty-five years. He regards the veteran communist leader Comrade Mohan Bikram Singh his political mentor. Later, in 2006 Dhakal joined the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). After the recent split in 2012, he supported the Mohan Baidya-led faction. For several years he was a Central Committee member of the same party. After initiating a prolonged two-line struggle against the left liquidationist line grown in the party leadership and party apparatus, he has now resigned from the party, and joined his previous party, the Communist Party of Nepal (Mashal). During the two-line struggle in the party, he was always on the side of the revolutionary. He has been firm and consistent in his revolutionary conviction in his writing and actions. He has also served as the Nepalese Ambassador to Australia, New Zealand, and the Fiji Islands from February 2008-December 2011. He has authored several books and articles, mostly on the theoretical aspects of Marxism-Leninism to arouse mass awareness, and then to expose the revisionists culpable of distorting the Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung thought to serve the interest of the exploiting class and countries.


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