THE STORY OF BARDOLI: Being a History of the Bardoli Satyagraha of 1928 and its Sequel


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ISBN 9789383723201


I never had the priviledge of taking part as “a combatant” in the Bardoli Satyagraha, which, whilst it was on, “paralysed the revenue administration” in the taluka, which made the taluka the cynosure of all eyes as much by its intensity as by its essential peaceful character, and which in its result proved to be “a blow to the regime of the Indian Civil Service.” But I had certainly enough work as a “non-combatant” in the Satyagraha army, and because of my close association with the Sardar of the campaign had the pleasure and the priviledge of witnessing some of the moving scenes described in the following pages. The narrative therefore in an authentic and somewhat intimate record. As such it is likely to be of some value to all those who are interested in the method of Satyagraha as a weapon to secure justice and freedom.

Part I brings the narrative down to the close of the Satyagraha. Part II deals with the Enquiry and its result.

– Mahadev Desai

Mahadev Desaiwas an Indian independence activist and writer best remembered as Mahatma Gandhi’s personal secretary. He has variously been described as “Gandhi’s Boswell, a Plato to Gandhi’s Socrates, as well as an Ananda to Gandhi’s Buddha”.


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