Cavalier in the Sky: Biography of Air Vice Marshal Chandan Singh MVC AVSM VrC


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ISBN 9789383723669


India will always remember the impeccable service of Air Vice Marshal Chandan Singh. He was a valorous air warrior who contributed towards a stronger and safer India.
– Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Squadron Leader Chandan Singh the ruler of our hearts and minds in King Squadron NDA galvanised us….he steered us through the rough and tumble of life with consummate vision, adroitness and persevarance. That spirit imbibed by us has been passed down to future generations.
– Col D.S. Sandenwalia, former cadet of the AVM

Chandu’s very presence in the training area gave solace and courage to scared and lost boys like me who had landed straight from villages. We were blessed to have the gallant Sqn Ldr Chandan Singh as our Squadron Commander. I have yet to know a more inspiring leader than our Chandu.
– Col Paramjit Pammi, former cadet

What can I say about Chandan Singh? He has always been, my idol.
– Air Marshal Nanda Cariappa

If there was no Sagat Singh and no Chandan Singh, there would have been no free Dacca on 16 December 1971.
– Lt Gen S.S. Mehta

Major Chandrakant Singh VrC, commissioned in the Brigade of Guards, is a prolific writer on military history and travel. He is a veteran of counter-insurgency operations and the 1971 War in which he was wounded and received the Vir Chakra for gallantry. His wartime commanding officer Lt Gen Himmeth Singh in a letter to Brig Desmond Hayde MVC the hero of the Battles of Dograi and an icon of the Indian Army, wrote: “For the next three days, Chandrakant’s company was hit with everything the Pakies could muster; they were physically assaulted, engaged by artillery, fired at point blank range by tanks and even strafed by enemy air until I thought they could not take anymore….Chandrakant and men like him you can kill but neven defeat. Recommended for the Param Vir Chakra he was given the Vir Chakra. He was a company commander very nearly unequalled in the army.”


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