Descriptive List of Acquired Documents: Vol. VI (1831-1850)


ISBN 9789350021491


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ISBN 9789350021491


The National Archives of India (estb. 1891) is the apex repository of public records of the Union Government. Besides, it also regularly acquires precious historical documents, rare books and other archival material through gifts, donation and purchase. In its endeavour to facilitate the academic utilization of this valuable source material it had been publishing the reference media of this material. So far four volumes of the acquired documents have been published while another volume in this series is being compiled.

This Volume contains 432 letters all of which are in Persian/Urdu. These documents are in the form of farmans, parwanas, sanads, bainamas, tamliknamas, iqrarnamas, rahnnamas, rubakars, arzis, yaddasht, tamassuk, etc. and cover a period of thirty years during the first half of the nineteenth century (i.e. from 1831 to 1850). They contain a rich source of information on the socio-economic and political condition of India during this period. A majority of these documents represent the working of an agricultural economy in India.


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