DISPLACEMENT, IMPOVERISHMENT and EXCLUSION: Political Economy of Development in India


ISBN 9789350025314
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ISBN 9789350025314


This book is all about the nexus of “state, development intervention and the development community” where the main objective of the development intervention is to enhance the revenue of the State’s economy. The institutional parameters are instrumental in this success. However, these mechanisms are limited to few stages of development, giving very little space to the development communities.

This book is intended to present the contemporaryr research outcomes on the cross-cutting theme of development induced displacement. The first section of the book strats with a broader discussion on development and subsequently the different legal instruments designed by the State to achieve development. The second section of the book explores the relationship berween the regulatory institutions and mechanisms and its impact through significant case studies from across the country. The thread that connects these five chapters in different geographical locations of India is the "exclusion" of the development communities from the development process.

Sujit Kumar Mishrais an economist who has specialsit in Development Economics for his doctoral theses and in Environmental and Natural Reseouce Economics in his post doctoral research. Prior to joining the Council for Social Development team in 2006, he worked with The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi as Associate Fellow. His research experience covers varied themes such as Development induced Displacement, the complex of issues in the mining sector and the environment and development implications of climate change. Dr Mishra’s research skills include impact assessment, economic analysis, and statistics.

R Siva Prasadis currently Professor of Anthropology and Head (I/c), Department of Education and Education Technology, School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad. He was formerly Head, Department of Anthropology (April 2011-April 2014). He has both teaching and research experience for more than 30 years. He undertook more than 20 research projects of multi-disciplinary nature in the areas of irrigation, forestry, rural and tribal development, agriculture, public health, etc. These projects were funded by both national and international agencies. Besides, he undertook several consultancy projects for various research institutions and organizations, including multilateral organizations like DFID, The World Bank, DANIDA, CIDA, UNDP, etc.


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