INDIAN HIGHER EDUCATION: A Perspective from the Margin


ISBN 9789350025505
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ISBN 9789350025505


The present education is an offshoot of the British system, introduced with focus to educate the members of higher castes and to get their support to rule the country. Expectedly, education during the British time remained exclusive. Whenever, the British took any initiative to educate the downtrodden, the upper castes protested. Despite the hostile social environment and careful carelessness of the British, some of the downtrodden could access education. When the British left, education fell to the lap of descendants of the beneficiaries of the British education who protected the interest mainly of their brethren from the same castes. Although, to undo the historic wrongs, the provision of reservations for SCs and STs in the educational institutions was made in the constitution, the same was implemented detrimentally. Education is known to have the power to transform a person into a national asset. Therefore, without providing equal opportunities for educating SCs, STs and OBCs it would be difficult to generate the required human resource to build the nation and make it progress and prosper.

These and other related issues are addressed in this volume.

Prof. Raosaheb K. Kale is an eminent scientist. He has taught at the School of Life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He is a prominent recipient of ICMR Award (1996) for his original contribution to the research in Radiation and Cancer Biology. He has extensively published in this area and has been invited to deliberate on this subject by universities and institutions globally. He has served the Jawaharlal Nehru University in various capacities such as the Dean of Students, Chief Proctor and Dean of School of Life Sciences. Prof. Kale has been associated in various capacities with universities and academic institutions within and outside the country. He has established the Central University of Gujarat, as its first Vice-Chancellor.


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