Rethinking Nuclear Power: Nuclear Electricity & Nuclear Weapons Proliferation


ISBN 9789350024232
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ISBN 9789350024232


As the world watches with horror the accident unfolding in Fukushima for five years, it is evident that nuclear disasters are humanely insurmountable. RistoIsomäki brings out the larger picture: the way human societies have undergone profound changes in the recent centuries and how the supposedly acceptable risks of various kinds collide to turn human future bleak. Nothing less than a decisive and qualitative overhaul of our economic, social and cultural institutions can help us in confronting the challenges we face today as human species.

RistoIsomäki, with his group of concerned scientists, was among the first people to highlight the risk posed by tsunamis to nuclear plants, and was campainging to raise awareness on the issue even before Fukushima disaster. After the accident in Japan, this less thought security risk has become evident, but there are numerous less known security risks associated with nuclear power that have been explained in this book.


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