TAMIL FEMALE CIVIL SPACE: Its Evolution and Decline in Tamil Eelam


ISBN 9789350026229


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ISBN 9789350026229


Modern Feminist ideologies serve only middle class women in the developing world. The condition of the vast majority women in the developing world remains largely unchanged. Why is that? This form of modern feminism can evolve only when certain economic conditions that parallel the standard of living in western countries are met. In the de-facto state of Tamil Eelam, which was destroyed in a genocidal war in 2009, a different form of grassroots feminism was evolving. It mostly drew in women from the working class. It is a type of feminism that will truly serve the wretched of this earth. This book begins to describe both how this particular type of grassroots feminism evolved and the early success it achieved.

N Malathy, an Eelam Tamil, has been living in New Zealand for several decades and holds a PhD in computer science. She lived and worked in the Tamil Eelam de-facto state from 2005 till 2009. In an earlier book, A Fleeting Moment in My Country…, she describes her experience of this de-facto state. She had continued to interview the women to record this vital part of Eelam Tamil history before it is lost with the sweep of time and buried by the pervasive and powerful geopolitical forces currently at play.


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