THE PHILOSOPHY OF REVOLT: Criticism of Left Radical Ideology


ISBN 9789350026755
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ISBN 9789350026755


The New Left movement, which appears as a means of linking a non-proletarian mass to the world revolutionary movements (a process which is progressing along controversial, tortuous paths and which often assumes an anti-proletarian complexion claiming, as it does to put forward a “third path” in politics and ideology) is at the same time a manifestation fo the all too familiar “disorder of Leftism”, which today has spread well beyond the confines of the communist movement and moreover on a much wider scale than before. The reactionary bourgeoisie attempts to explot this “disorer” to further its own ends in its struggle againts the working class, Marixms and Socialism, and in its efforts to direct the radical Left’s philosophy of revolt against revolutionary forces. How serious are such attempts? How serious are the calims of the New Left? Finally how serious is the “philosophy of revolt” as such?

Eduard Batalovis Russian-Soviet Americanist.


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