The Politics of Imperialism and Counterstrategies


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The papers in this collection grounding themselves in diverse Marxist traditions are united in their pursuit to understadn the ongoing political conflicts around the globe. Imperialism and all its de-humanised representations are realisations of the systemic logic of capitalism. If alternative has to be anti-capitalist, its evolving forms/contents have to be identified. One cannot simply go on rhetoricising and infinitum – "another world is possible". Even if we refrain from identifying that ‘world’, the system will define it in its own way. "Anti-capitalist indifference" leads to barbaric conclusions, reflected in nationalist vandalism of Rss and Shiv Sena in India, Al Qaeda in the Middle East, anti-immigrant racist resurgence in the "advanced" societies – "anti-capitalist capitalism", There is alawys a danger of being trapped in the systemic dungeon of mystifications reproducing the burgeois society if the processes leading towards it are not comprehended; and it needs courage to break that trap. The Argentine, Venezuelan, Mexican and Bolivian upheavals and the officialisation of sections of the dissent require explaination. Here, we have some representative Marxist modes of understanding the politics in present-day Capitalsim, i.e., the poltiics of Imperialism and forces against it.

Ravi Kumaris an Associate Fellow at the Council for Social Development, New Delhi

Anuradha Ghoshis teaching at the Department of English and Modern European Languages, Jami Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India.

Pratyush Chandrais a political activist and freelance writer in Delhi, India.

* Samir Amin *Massimo De Angelis *Werner Bonefeld *Ronald H. Chilcote *Ana Cecilia Dinerstein *John Bellamy Foster
*John Holloway *Nathalia E. Jaramillo *Doug Lorimer *Peter McLaren *Prabhat Patnaik *James Petras *William K. Tabb

‘A refreshing addition to the burgeoning literature on the subject’ —Liberation


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