THE SOUL OF INDIA: A Constructive Study of Indian Thoughts and Ideals


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ISBN 9789383723218


The Soul of India is a reflection on Bipin Chandra Pal’s belief that writing could also inspire the masses in the struggle for independence. Pal was instrumental in the creation of a comprehensive and constructive ideology which would be the basis for what he described as the ‘new patriotism’. Pal invoked the Hindu god Krishna as both a symbol and a means through which India’s past could manifest itself in the present, as well as the future. The Soul of India is a comparison of Indian and western thought, as well as an analysis of Indian history and the condition of the country in Pal’s day – the result is a unique work that reflects the ideals and principles of one of India’s most respected leaders.

Bipin Chandra Pal was an Indian nationalist. He was a towering figure in the Indian nationalist movement and a leader of the extremist wing of the Congress Party who advocated a more militant line against British imperialism. An active politician, he was also an intellectual.


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