TROTSKY’S CONSPIRACIES OF THE 1930s: Trotsky’s Collaboration With Germany and Japan


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ISBN 9789350027585


This book constitutes an inquiry into the evidence that Leon Trotsky collaborated with German and/or Japanese officials, whether governmental or military, during the 1930s.

Trotsky was charged with a convicted in absentia of such collaboration at the three Moscow public trials – August 1936: “The Case of the Trotskyite-Zinovievite Terrorist Centre”; January 1937: “The Case of the Anti-Soviet Trotskyite Centre”; and March 1938: “The Case of the Anti-Soviet ‘Block of Rights and Trotskyites’.”

Much of the following chapters consist of direct quotations from primary sources that are not easy for most readers to obtain, such as the English versions of Moscow Trial transcripts. Even more of them are from documents not available in English at all.

Grover Furr began studying Russian language and literature as a teenager and became interested in Soviet history about a decade later. He has conducted extensive research on the Stalin period of Soviet history, on and off since the 1970s, and intensely for the past decade. Furr teaches in the English Department at Montclair State University. He has a PhD in Medieval Comparative Literature from Princeton University.


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