Workers’ Politics; The Ethics of Socialism


ISBN 9789350020371
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ISBN 9789350020371


From the highly acclaimed novelist, script editor, journalist and writer William Ash, a clear, rooted, account of the importance of socialist ideas within the Marxist tradition. Ash, a decorated war hero and leading trade unionist and thinker, has written something of great importance to a new generation of those fighting for peace and progress.

Anti globalization protesters, trade unionists and genuinely worried workers will find this book a major wake up call to the simple, yet increasingly relevant concepts that underpin socialism.

The author considers values, rights, obligations and alienation and social change and shows how the modern ideas of workers, concentrated into Marxism, have enhanced the best thought of the past and offer us something powerful today.

“..a highly original book”. -Morning Star

“For a one volume work that, in usually straightforward and clear fashion, addresses the relationship among economics, ethics and politics, it would be difficult to best this contribution.” -Science Class and Politics

“It is, as any good Marxist analysis, should be, a call to action, not a mere intellectual exercise”. -Voice of the Unions


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