A World To Build: New Paths toward Twenty-First Century Socialism


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ISBN 9789350023464


Over the last few decades Marta Harnecker has emerged as one of Latin America’s most incisive socialist thinkers. InA World to Build, she grapples with the question that had bedeviled every movement for radical social change: how do you construct a new world within the framework of the old? Harnecker draws on lessons from socialist movements in Latin America, especially Venezuela, where she served as an advisor to the Chávez administration and was a director of the Centro Internacional Miranda.

A World to Buildbegins with the struggle for socialism today. Harnecker offers a useful overview of the chaning political map in Latin America, examining the trajectories of several progressive Latin American governments as they work to develop alternative models to capitalism. She combines analysis of concrete events with a refined theoretical understanding of grassroots democracy, the state, and the barriers imposed by capital. For Harnecker, twenty-first century socialism is a historical process as well as a theoretical project, one that requires imagination no less than courage. She is a lucid guide to the movements that are fighting, right now, to build a better world, and an important voice for those who wish to follow that path.

Marta Harneckeris the author of over eighty books and monographs in several languages, includingUnderstanding the Venezuelan Revolution. She has been director of the Memoria Popular Latinoamericana research center in Havana, Cuba and the Centro Internacional Miranda in Caracas, Venezuela.


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