Althusser: The Detour of Theory (Historical Materialism Series)


ISBN 9789350022924
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ISBN 9789350022924


First published in 1987,Althusser: The Detour of Theorywas widely received as the fullest account of its subject to date. Drawing on a wide range of hitherto untranslated material, it examined the political and intellectual contexts of Althusser’s ‘return to Marx’ in the mid-1960s; analysed the novel character of the Marxism developed in his major works; charted their author’s subsequent evolution, from his self-criticism to the proclamation of a ‘crisis of Marxism’; and concluded with a balance-sheet of Althusser’s contribution to historical materialism.

For this second edition,Gregory Elliotthas added a substantial postscript in which he surveys the posthumous edition of the French philosopher’s work published in the 1990s, from the early writings of the 1940s through to the late texts of the 1980s, relating the unknown Althusser revealed by them to the familiar figure ofFor MarxandReading Capital, together with a comprehensive bibliography of Althusser’s oeuvre.


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