On the Wings of Change


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ISBN 9788191038248


On the Wings of Changeis a personla narrative, intertwined with historical events and written in the rich tradition of rhetoric produced in Indian public schools. The author’s voice and perspective take the reader on a walk through India and Indian history, meandering through colonization, industrialization, Independence, and emergence as a young Republic. The British influence on India is shown in its good and bad and through its legacy of establishments, creations and distructions. As much as the narrative is the story of what has shaped Indai to the present day, it is also a rare expression of ideas and tone, formed in a time of transition from the British Raj to the Republic of India.

Mahinder Lallwas born in Moosoorie in 1928, the son and grandson of two Indian barristers from the Inns of Court in London. He was educated at the Doon School and Delhi University, earning a Master’s degree in Chemistry. He has worked in Europe and Australia as a Biochemist and later, a Chiropractor. A great love of military and Indian history has resulted in this book.


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