DIALOGUES: English Studies in India


ISBN 9789350026267


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ISBN 9789350026267


Dialogues: English Studies in India brings forth a collection of interviews on a wide range of topics concerning English academia from translation to interdisciplinarity to teaching writing. The interviews cover the global breadth, including English professionals from US, UK and other countries, and different parts of India. By bringing together conversations where both the interview and the interviewer are academics, the anthology places before the readers multifarious voices discussing and interrogating policy and practice pertaining to English studies. The cogent arguments and thinking aloud coalesce in the fluid space of the dialogue, and the reader is invited to enter this interactive thought-process. By focussing on areas of (re)defining English Studies, pedagogical practices, professional development of teachers and possible future directions, Dialogues invites discussions and deliberations in these areas.

Rachna Sethi is Assistant Professor in the Department of English, Rajdhani College, University of Delhi. She has published extensively in areas of urban studies and gender studies. She is currently the President of FORTELL and has had a long association with it in various capacities.

A.L. Khanna retired as Associate Professor from Department of English, Rajdhani College, University of Delhi. He co-edits with R.K. Angnihotri the Sage series on Applied Linguistics. He is one of the Chief Editors of Language and Language Teaching and the Coordinating Editor of FORTELL.


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