ETHICS INCORPORATED: Top Priority and Bottom Line


ISBN 9789350028339
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ISBN 9789350028339


The book details the pressures of contemporary competition that make it imperative for organizations to follow ethical business practices. Dipankar Gupta illustrates how ethical business practices are good for the bottom line because they contribute to higher productivity and better risk management by introducing greater commitment and synergies between stakeholders. This book shows, step by step, how a clear focus on Business Ethics at top management levels brings about more competitiveness, creativity, cohesion and direction in corporate practices. The author couples his strong plea for Business Ethics with easy to follow guidelines on to how to put them into practice.

The book also explains how closely Business Ethics is linked to contemporary corporate leadership where team work and participation replace surveillance and fear. Dipankar Gupta illustrates how Business Ethics can help top management to build an ethical and transparent organization such that the risk of the single bad apple can be pre-empted.

In a sequential manner, the author examines:

-Why good ethics amounts to good business;

-The need to synergise values, goals and mission in an organization;

-How to create an ethic al organizational culture;

-The relationship between Business Ethics, productivity and profits.

This book is an essential read for decision-makers in organizations of any size seeking to design and implement Business Ethics programmes that conform to global standards. It will also be valuable for students of Business Ethics, general management and human resource development.

Dipankar Gupta founded and let the Business Ethics division of KPMG, India, for about seven years. He concurrently taught in the School of Social Sciences, Jawarharlal Nehru University for nearly three decades. For a brief period, between 1993-94, he served as Professor in the Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics. He is a regular columnist with The Times of India and occasionally writes for The Indian Express and The Anandbazar Patrika (Bengali). He has served on the Boards of several institutions like the Reserve Bank of India, the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), the National Security Advisory Body and Max India.


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