INDIA THAT IS BHARAT: An Introduction to the Constitutional Debates


ISBN 9789350028520


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ISBN 9789350028520


Protecting the Constitution is a prerequisite for protecting freedom, democracy and secularism in our country. For that the Constitution has to be read in conjunction with the history of its formation. This is just a humble attempt to examine the Constitutional premises of some of the issues relevant today, a journey through the deliberations of the Constituent Assembly. In this small book Author tries to investigate how the secular and democratic culture of the Constitution was formed.

P. Rajeeve is a member of the CPI (M) Central Committee. He has served as the Resident Editor and Chief Editor of Deshabhimani Daily. He was a Membero of the Rajya Sabha from 2009 to 2015 and was awarded the Sansad Ratna Award for Best Parliamentarian in 2016. Cuttently he is the Minister of Law and Industries in Kerala Government. He has authored several works in Malayalam and has been recognized with many awards. Presently, he lives in Thiruvananthapuram with his wife Vani Kesari and their two daughters Hridhya and Haritha.



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