Indo-Pacific: Emerging Powers, Evolving Regions and Global Governance


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ISBN 9789350024010


The bookIndo-Pacific: Emerging Powers, Evolving Regions and Challenges to Global Governanceis an outcome of a collaborative project undertaken together by young and leading scholars on world affairs.

Based on in-depth study and research the compendium brings to fore the implications of the shift in power to the Indo-Pacific region – the vast and single geo-strategic arc and geo-economic realm spanning the eastern Pacific Ocean to the western Indian ocean along the eastern coast of Africa.

As a new constellation of economic and political power, Indo-Pacific is influenced by the rise of China and India rapidly dwarfing all other regional constructs and centres of trade, investment, security, competition and cooperation across the world.

The Indo-Pacific power narrative is not about China and India alone. The book devotes attention to the stakes of erstwhile super powers as well as middle powers of the region such as Australia, Indonesia and Japan.

Encompassing half of the world’s population and repository of vast natural resources with most important commercial water-ways criss-crossing the two-ocean region, the geostrategic significance of the Indo-Pacific is undoubted.

A rich bibliography at the end provides access to policy debates and academic analyses concerning the different dimensions of the Indo-Pacific.

The bookIndo-Pacificis a useful reader for policy-makers, scholars and students engaged in study, research and analysis on contemporary world affairs.


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