NORTHEAST INDIA: From Anthropology to Market Economy


ISBN 9788196948931
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ISBN 9788196948931


This book is a roadmap of Northeast India from colonial race theory to the economic liberalization regime, both of which demeaned the people of the region and appropriated its natural resources. The legacy of race theory survived in the post-colonial regime until the economic liberalization opened up the fused society of Northeast to a refracted society through the mechanism of market economy. This book makes an overall critique of both colonial anthropology and market economy in Northeast India. The subject being very vast, scope of this study is restricted to five chapters. The first two chapters deal with ‘colonial race theory and its application Northeast India; the third and fourth chapters deal with ‘ the basic contours of Liberalization’ and ‘Liberalization-led Market Economy in Northeast India’ and the fifth chapter makes achallenge to social policy in the Northeast India under market Economy’.

Dr. Asok Kumar Ray is a scholar on Northeast India. He has authored and edited a number of books and has published many research articles in accredited journals and edited books. He is a life member of Indian Sociological Society, Delhi and NEICSSR, Shillong; Life Fellow of Indian Association of Social Sciences, Delhi; and a trust member of Institute for North Eastern Studies, Kolkata. He made several academic visits to USA, Sweden and the South Asian countries. Currently, he is engaged in different studies on Northeast India.


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