Punjab’s Economic Development in the Era of Globalisation


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Punjab’s economic slippage in the era of globalisation is a major cause of concern. Its economic progress is still engrossed in the agrarian dependance; a normal economic transition from the agrarian to the modern and viable industrialisation is missing in the state. The political leadership and policy makers, in spite of intellectuals’ warnings, are indulged in competitive populism. Why these wrong policies are still dominating? What will be their long run impact? How does the Punjab economy be rejuvenated? What alternative strategy is suitable for the state? All these questions are troubling the minds of intellectuals working on the Punjab economy and searching for plausible answers.

This book used a holistic approach to answer these questions and will generate an intense debate. The essays contained in the book, based on facts and figures, provide a vivid account of Pinjab’s economic growth, factors behind slowdown, pitfalls of mono-cropping pattern, emerging agrarian and environmental crisis. It has also unraveled, in a very succint and scientific manner, the emerging issues in gender employment and social security coverage, besides dealing with the education delivery mechanism, women’s health outcomes and plight of cancer suffering households amidst the general affluence found in the state. In the nutshell, the book contains evidence based research material on core issues of Punjab’s economic development and is essential reading for the policy makers, teachers and students.

Inderjeet Singhis presently serving as Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor & Head, Department of Economics and Professor Incharge, Planning Commission Chair at Punjabi University, Patiala.

Sukhwinder Singhis presently working as Professor of Economics, Punjabi University, Patiala.

Lakhwinder Singhis Professor of Economics and Coordinator, Centre for Development Economics and Innovation Studies (CDEIS) at Punjabi University, Patiala.


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