REVELATIONS and REFLECTIONS: Ghastly Assassination of Two Prime Ministers


ISBN 9789350027370


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ISBN 9789350027370


Well-read and ever so audacious, G.S. Chwala has seen the ins and outs of Indian Politics with his observant and perceptive eyes. Having been closely associated with key figures of newly Independent India such as Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, Chawla has covered 70 years of his experiences and knowledge in this book.

The book reveals a stirring narrative of the developments that catalysed some of the most consequential moments of Indian history. The author reminisces about his conversations with the former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and adds to the book a more personal account of events that contributed to the cruel assassinations of the mother-son duo Indira and Rajiv Gandhi along with other appalling revelations about the CIA’s involvement in the same. The author further presents his first hand narrative regarding the ghastly death of the then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri and the then Chief Minister of Punjab Partap Singh Kairon. Having been a politics enthusiast in his early years, Chawla takes the readers to a remarkable journey of sweet-sour relations between prominent leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L.K. Advani, dissimilitude within the Election Commission and his own professional career.

When one of India’s senior most, valiant, and equitable journalists tells such a tale, one cannot help but get glued. Chawala’s narrative is as simple and grounded as it is startling and provocative.

G.S. Chawla is one of India’s senior and greatly respected journalists, as described by late Inder Malhotra, former editor of The Times of India, Delhi, just before his death. Mr. Chawla has spent almost 70 years as the most independent and fearless journalist who never deviated from the path of truth while writing his reports, facing challenges from the most mighty figures holding constitutional positions in the states and at the centre. He always believed in accurate and impartial writings even at the cost of facing serious threats from the mighty politicians. This was his biggest quality for which he was respected by all.

While working for the Indian Express, he never hesitated to write the facts on terrorism and other subjects. He knew most of the politicians at personal level. He is 90 and after living in Delhi for 62 years as a journalist accredited to the Government of India and the Parliament, now lives in Ludhiana.


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