Social Structure and Forms of Consciousness: Vol. 2 – The Dialectic of Structure and History


ISBN 9789350021897
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ISBN 9789350021897


"The Pathfinder" of 21st Century Socialism. – Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela

InThe Dialectic of Structure and History,Volume Two ofSocial Structure and Forms of Consciousness,Istvan Meszaros brings the comprehension of our condition and the possibility of emancipatory social action beyond the higherst point reached to date. Building on this indicatory flashes of conceptual lightning in theGrundrisseand other works of Karl Marx, Meszaros sets out the relations of structure and agency, individual and society, base and superstructure, nature and history, in a dialectical totality open to the future. The project is brough to its conclusion by means of critique, an analysis that shows not only the inadequacies of the thought critiqued but at the same time their social historical cause. The crucial questions are addressed through critique of the highest point of honest and brilliant thought in capital’s ascending phase, that of Adam Smith, Kant, and Hegel, as well as the irrationalities and dishonesty of the apologists of the capital systems’ descending phase, such as Hayek and Popper. The dead ends of both Levi-Strauss’s structuralism and post-modernism, arising from their denial of history, are placed in their context as capital-apologetics.

What Meszaros, the leading Marxist philosopher of our times, has achieved is of world historical importance. He has cleared the philosophical ground to permit the illumination of a path to transcend the destructive death spiral of the capital system.

Istvan Meszarosleft his native Hungary after the Soveit invasion in1956. He is professor emeritus at the University of Sussex, where he has the chair of philosophy for fifteen years. Meszaros is author ofThe Structured Crisis of Capital, The Challenge and Burden of Historical Time, Beyond Capital: Toward a Theory of Transition,andMarx’s Theory of Alienation, among other books.


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