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ISBN 9789391982195


Tagore and Me explores new dimensions in Tagore’s thoughtfulness. Nobel laureate is read and acknowledged all over the world. His poetry and quotes are quite popular and have been explained in different ways in prose but Promila Arora found a different way to explore and illustrate these. Tagore and Me is a valuable book with illustrative paintings on his thoughts attached to each poem.
Praises for the book
Tagore and Me, is a journey in to silence, into the unknown blue and into clouds bringing drops of colours. Tagore’s poems, paintings, thoughts travel through Promila’s words.Dr Harjit Singh(Film maker), Jalandhar
After reading the poems of ‘Tagore and Me’ I appreciate  Promila for her nobel work as she explored in new dimension. The poems elaborate and include various aspects of nature and humane qualities. Promila Arora’s pen amazingly won the spirits of Tagore and regenerated the enlightened thoughts of mind – Sunil Maji (Writer), Kharagpur West Bengal
The Nobel Laureate Tagore and the holy book- Guru Granth Saheb spread His message to the universe in a relaxed manner. Thereby, I felicitate  Promila Arora for her expressions in her book Tagore and Me in interpreting  lovingly some of the preludes of Gurudev – Satish Chopra (Ardent lover of literature and nostalgic music), Delhi
It is a real treat going through Tagore and Me. I read and read it totally mesmerized. A pure resonance of Promila Arora ‘s mental aplomb. It happens only when one is beyond oneself. This book captured my head, heart and soul. – Dr Rashmi Khurana (Retd. Deputydirector AIR), Leicester, UK
Matching up Tagore’s philosophy, construction of own philosophical foundation with distinctive signature is really a dangerous and suicidal venture. But scholar poet Promila Arora  takes this challenge very successfully. – Dr. Abu Ishahaq Hossain (Writer, TV Presenter), Dhaka, Bangladesh
Tagore and Me is an amazing literary work,  by Promila Arora as she expresses and elaborates Tagore’s poetic utterances in her own beautiful poems .Such aesthetic illustrations of Tagore’s sensibility and philosophy is first of its own kind. – Prof. Dr. Baljeet Kaur (Former Dean, GNDU), Jalandhar


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