The Dawn of European Civilization


ISBN 9789350024706
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ISBN 9789350024706


The book covers the period from the fall of Rome to the beginning of the High Medieval. The Dark Ages, when Western Civilization faced the greatest crisis to date in History. Comparatively little historic record survived from this period and this volume marks the first great attempt to catalogue that 500 year period. Magnificently illustrated this vivid, authentic book truly reconstructs the Dawn of European Civilization as we know it today. V. Gordon Childe was a remarkable man who is considered the father of modern archaeology who specialised in the study of European prehistory. A vocal socialist, Childe accepted the socio-economic theory of Marxism and was an early, though unorthodox, proponent of Marxist archaeology. Childe was the author of several well-known books on the subject of archaeology and prehistory, most notably Man Makes Himself and What Happened in History.


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