The Political Economy of Media: Enduring Issues, Emerging Dilemmas


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ISBN 978-93-5002-076-0


Morethan any other work,The Political Economy of Mediademonstrates the incompatibility of the corporate media system with a viable democratic public sphere, and the corrupt policymaking process that brings the system into existence. Among the most acclaimed communication scholars in the world, Robert W. McChesney has brought together all the major themes of his two decades of research. Rich in detail, evidence and thoughtful arguments,The Political Economy of Mediaprovides a comprehensive critique of the degradation lof journalism, the hyper – commercialization of culture, the Internet and the emergence of the contemporary media reform movement.The Political Economy of Mediais mandatory reading for anyone wishing to understand and change media, and the political economy in the world today.

Praise for Robert W. McChesney:

"As Chomsky is to linguistics, Ben & Jerry’s to ice cream, and Elvis to shaking one’s hips, McChesney is to media analysis. He is the king: there is no one more definitive." -DANNY SCHECHTER, founder of

"McChesney’s work has been of extraordinary importance. It should be read with care and concern by people who care about freedom and basic rights." – NOAM CHOMSKY

"Robert McChesney follows in the great tradition of Upton Sinclair, George Seldes, I.F. Stone, and Ben Bagdikian in exposing the ruthless hold of corporate power on the nation’s media." -HOWARD ZINN

Robert W McChesneyis the Gutgsell Endowed Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Chanpaign. He is the author ofCommunication Revolution,The Problem of the Media, andRich Media, Poor Democracy.


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