Valuing Women’s Unpaid Work: Experiences from Odisha


ISBN 9789350028421
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ISBN 9789350028421


The relevance of this book is caused by the fact that women accomplish a substantial amount of work at the household level. Yet it is ironic that women’s work is generally considered part of leisure, and kept out of the national accounting system. Women’s household work is not valued and they remain invisible in the household and national economic systems. Valuing women’s unpaid work: Experiences from Odisha provides a different perspective suggesting a differentiated measure to value the invisible and unrecognized efforts of women based on empirical research undertaken in the State of Odisha, India. It attempts to integrated macro and micro-level analysis to address the value of unpaid domestic duties usually accomplished by women.

Meenakshi Bose holds a doctorate in the filed of Management. Currently, she is the Manager of Research and Communication with Bandhan-Konnagar (A CSR Wing of Bandhan Group). She has a wide range of experience in working in different areas of the social development sector in affiliation with UNICEF, UNWFP, KIIT School Rural Management (KIIT University), and many others. Also she has qualified for CBSE NET in Labour Welfare and HRM. She has a Master’s in Business Administration and her second Master’s in Women’s Studies (MA). She was awarded the Swami Vivekanand Single Girl Child Scholarship for Research in Social Sciences granted by UGC, Government of India. Her research interests include labour and gender issues in development, women’s participation in the labour force, women’s work and women’s role in economic development.



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