Engels: A Revolutionary Life


ISBN 9789350022245
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ISBN 9789350022245


Friedrich Engels was the Che Guevara of his day. Like Che, he also came from a privileged background, but rejected middle class privilege to devote himself to the struggle for the liberation of working people, for justice and socialism. As a young man he fought in the hills of southern Germany with a small band of like-minded guerrillas. After defeat, he fled Prussian persecution to settle in Britain, where he spent the rest of his life.

Insted of continuing his adventurous life as a full-time activist, he took on a double life in order to support his friend, Karl Marx. In the middle class citadels of Manchester, he was known as a staid, honest and respectable businessman, but clandestinely he devoted himself to the struggle for socialism. His and Marx’s ideas and his vision helped transform the 20th century world an still resonate today.

The author,John Green, is a journalist, and former documentary film-maker and trade union offocial. He is also the author of the bookKen Sprague, People’s Artist, about a modern day Quixotic communist artist.


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