GANDHI AND AMBEDKAR: Understanding Their Relations


ISBN 9789350027448
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ISBN 9789350027448


Abhimanyu, the famous son of Arjuna of the epic Mahabharata, killed by deceive, through a Chakravyuha that ended after his death, but for Gandhi there are unending Chakravyuhas even after 74 years of his physical assassination. Who are opposed to the ideas of Gandhi and why so? This book is an attempt to expose the hidden agenda of those who want to kill the ideas of Gandhi.

Opponents of Gandhi have conveniently used Ambedkar to attack Gandhi and his ideas, though both were close to each other, and held the same goal. Ambedkarites, most of them have used Ambedkar only for promoting their personal gains, have fallen to this trap, laid by the protagonists of violence who have a different agenda. Arundhati Roy’s book The Doctor and the Saint is an example.

While exposing the hidden agenda of Arundhati and others, Raghu Thakur has argued that there was no fundamental difference between Gandhi and Ambedkar and provided incontrovertible evidences of their closeness and common purpose.

Imbued with the ideas of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, Raghu Thakur, an eminent Gandhian and Socialist thinker, is committed to the cause of creation of an egalitarian society. From the initial days of his life, he has been on the forefront of various struggles on various fronts for the promotion of an equal society and the better world. He was associated with Lohia and assisted him in editing People and Mankind and later on helped in editing of Pratipaksh and The Other Side, published by George Fernandez. At present, he is the National Patron of the Loktantrik Samajwadi Party, and writes regularly in national newspapers and magazines. He also edits Dukhiyavani, a monthly from Bhopal.


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