Global Environment: Issues and Problems


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Our natural environment such as land, water, air, minerals, forests, wildlife or even human population can be used to promote man’s welfare for socio-economic and cultural needs, both at the individual and community level. But man ruthlessly exploited his own surroundings to meet his day-to-day requirements. The story still continues in various parts of the world at a slower or faster pace. Biological diversity if threatened by various forms of pollution but ultimately the greatest threat may be global climate change. Species and ecosystems within protected areas will certainly be affected by climate change. Destruction of tropical forests, coral reefs, wetlands and other biologically rich landscapes is causing an alarming loss of species and reduction of biological variety and abundance that could severly limit our future of options.

This volume is an attempt to highlight the issues and problems of global environment and suggests to researchers, pioneers scientists, academicians and policy makers that the globe is in our hands and remedies have to be made before nature alarms us finally.

K S Sengaris Principal of Government P.G. College, Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh since 2007. He has served as Professor of Geography in various colleges of M.P. and Additional Director, Tribal Deparment in Morena and Sheopur for many years. He has published three books and has contributed 25 papers in various journals of repute. Many researchers have successfully completed their Ph.Ds under him.

G S Chauhahis currently Education Officer, University Grants Commission, Central Regional Office, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He has also served as Associate Professor of Geography in University of Delhi and has visited Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Mauritius and Chile to attend international seminars. He has contributed more than 30 papers in various reputed journals and books.

Subhash Chandis Professor and Head, Department of Botany and Zoology in Government P.G. College, Sheopur. He has presented 36 research papers in various seminars, participated in international conferences and has contributed around 15 papers in various journals and books.

Ramesh Kumarhas served as Associate Professor of Political Science in Government Colleges of Keolari, Morena, Vijaypur and Sheopur in Madhya Pradesh. Presently he is working as Head, Department of Sociolog and Political Science in Government P.G. College, Sheopur. He has visited South Africa, Qatar and Doha in 2008 as Research Fellow. While working in South Africa Human Rights Commission, Johannesberg he attended International African Human Rights Conference in Pretoria. He has contributed 12 papers in various journals and books,


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