Grassroots Development Initiatives in India: Rights Based Approach to Development and Advocacy


ISBN 9789350023556
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ISBN 9789350023556


The present book focuses on the grassroots development initiatives and role of conscientisation in empowerment of adivasis and other marginalised sections of the society through the rights based approach to development. The author examines how the voluntary organisations engaged with development programmes for the empowerment of adivasis work with the approach of conscientisation. The role of voluntary organisations in conscientisation for organising and mobilising the adivasis with a programme for the people-centered advocacy has been instrumental in making government machinery pro-poor by implementing development programmes with greater transparency and accountability. Conscientisation of adivasis by the voluntary organisations through their educative role has resulted in the betterment of their lives and emergence of autonomous leadership. The study concludes that the ideological base of the founders of the organisations made the adivasis independent and self-supportive for their development from their earlier status of the servitude through initiating and accomplishing the task of conscientisation.


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