HINDU POLITY: A Constitutional History of India in Hindu Times


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ISBN 9789391982041


Hindu Polity is a well-known work in the field of Indology, in two parts with introductory scope and sources. Part I: On Vedic Assemblies and Hindu Republics (a) Rise and Prosperity (b) Decline and Disappearance (c) Their System and Ethnology; Part II: Hindu Monarchy and Imperialism.

The importance of the subject was first perceived with prophetic vision of K P Jayaswal, who began by contributing thought-provoking articles in the Modern Review in 1913. His matured views will now be found enshrined in his classical book Hindu Polity. — D.R. Bhandarkar

Dr. Jayaswal endeavoured, in this book, to establish the thesis that parliamentary and democratic governments were in vogue in ancient India with representative assemblies such as the Paura and Janapada functioning in the Royal capital. This well-written book attracted the serious attention of Oriental Scholars, East and West, and soon got a unique place in the international world of Orientalists. — R.V. Ramachandra Dikshitar

K.P. Jayaswal was an Indian historian and lawyer. Jayaswal’s works Hindu Polity and History of India, 150 A.D. to 350 A.D. are classics of ancient Indian historical literature.


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