LISE: Library and Information Science Education (LISE)Based on UGC-CBCS Guideline


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ISBN 9789350023976


Internationalization, reforms and maintenance of standards in higher education is top most priority of Government of India aiming to improve the quality of higher education at par with global standards. Infrastructure development alone (Physical, human, financial including ICT infrastructure) do not create best manpower of a country, equally important is an up to date, need based curriculum and syllabus combining both latest knowledge and skills, innovations, best practices which will provide an opportunity to a post graduate student to stand alone in the national and global job market. Library and Information Science is one of the professional courses well recognised worldwide and completed one hundred years in universities. Along with other components of quality improvement measures in higher education, UGC has made it mandatory to adopt Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) at UG and PG level in all Higher Education Institutions (HEI). The present book entitled LISE: Library and Information Science Education (LISE)Based on UGC-CBCS GuidelineFocused on two-years integrated Master course in Library and Information Science and discussed the detailed course structure semester wise comprising three types of courses namely Foundation Course, Core Course and Open Electives of 88 Credit. The present publication serves as a model syllabus in the country which will be an immense help to library educators and researchers to introduce in their respective departments and conduct research to bring improvement keeping in view the demands from the job market and potential employers.

Prof. Parvakar Rath is a well-known library educator and researcher in the field of library and information science for the last 22 years. Prof. Rath worked as a faculty member in Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) for more than 11 years and contributed to BLIS, MLIS, Ph.D Pogrammes and was instrumental to design, development and delivery of PGDLAN programme through distance mode.


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