Nuclear Energy: Technology From Hell


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ISBN 9789350021811


The People of Kudankulam, Jaitapur, Mithivirdi, Gorakhpur, Jaduguda… are waging determined struggles, against government of India plans to set up a string of Nuclear parks across the country, with imported/indigenous nuclear reactors, and also several new uranium mines.

The Prime Minister, India’s tip atomic scientists and leading intellectuals are deriding the protestors as being anti-development. They are claiming that nuclear energy is a cheap, green, cleand and safe solution to our future energy needs, and is our gateway to a prosperous future.

This book examines these claims in detail. In reality, nuclear power is very expensive. Neither is it green and the solution to the global warming crisis. But the biggest problems with nuclear energy are the safety issues associated with it – the deadly radioactive pollution of the environment caused by leakage of radiation from the mines and nuclear reactors, the as yet intractable problem of safe storage of high level wastes and the potential for catastrophic accidents. For these reasons, nuclear energy was already on the decline the world over; the Fukishima disaster has sent it into a tailspon. Many countries have begun reconsidering/reversing their nuclear energy programs, for alternate and more sustainable ways of meeting their energy needs. Yet, the Indian government continues to pursue its deadly nuclear power dream…

Neeraj Janis a B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering. He is a social activist and writer, and is associated with Lokayat, an activist group based in Pune.


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