Struggle for Socialism; Some Issues


ISBN 9789350020241
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ISBN 9789350020241


This volume deals with some of the issues confronting the struggle for socialism in the post Soviet period are: learning from the Soviet experience, the validity of Marx’s critique of capitalism, revolutionary theory and renewal of Marxism, the recovery of socialist vision, Leninist dreaming and Marx’s gift of historical optimism, the pursuit of revolutionary politics in regimes of bourgeois democracy, the struggle for hegemony, classes and class struggle, the question of agency of revolutionary change, the constituency of socialism today, the ‘new’ social movements, NGOs and ‘civil society activism’, power in the state, identity politics, revolutionary leadership and Lenin’s theory of the Party. The volume concludes with ‘a few final comments’ on the subject of socialism and the struggle for it. An appendix, ‘On the Question of Socialism Today’, has been additionally incorporated in this volume which touches upon issues ranging from Marx’s perspective on the socialist transition to socialism and the CPM politics in West Bengal.

Randhir Singhis a distinguished teacher and former Professor of Political Theory, University of Delhi.


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