The Particle and Philosophy in Crisis : Towards Mode of Information


ISBN 9789350021149
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ISBN 9789350021149


The present book is the first one of a series of bold and novel studies on the way revolutionary in science, technology and communication impact philosophy/world outlook including Marxism, society’s future, mode of production, capitalism/socialism dichotomy, world economy, trends like postmodernism, post-industrialism etc and other questions.

This volume deals with motion of and crisis created by the new concept of ‘the particle’ on human thought, philosophy and worldview. We ride the unprecedented scientific and technological revolution (STR) into the ‘unlighted’ extra-ordinry world of quantum motions. Human thought and being are shifting to and gathering speed along the time paradigm, rendering dialectics increasingly crucial, the book opines.

Electronic technology, quantum discoveries and wave/particle duality as a wonder of nature have changed forever the way we look at ‘the world’, which stands redefined. Grounds of philosophy move away, creating epistemological crisis as we transit to a post-classical world. We now look at whole humanity from out in the space, and our dialectics and contradictions acquire new meaning. This self-transcendence can potentially free us of existing acute contradictions.

The author for the first time challenges several existing philosophical concepts and their connotations. He brings out the impact of slowdown and speed up time, our entry into the world of ‘the particle’ and of dialectics of exceedingly rapid motions impacting ‘matter’, change in realtions between space, time and motion, growing importance of time paradigm, mutual interpretation of subject and object, growing unity of the world at new levels of wave/particle duality, etc. For the first time a detailed analysis of Volume 38 of Lenin has been made. It is also the first time that 16 elements of dialectics presented by Hegel and Lenin have been unraveled, ignored so far by philosophy. Huge amounts of scientific literature and sources have been used in the book.

The author has tried to take the concepts of matter, idea, motion, time, space, dialectics etc to higher levels. It is a bold attempt to negate the existing philosophy by creatively developing new world scientific world outlook.

Anil Rajimwaleis an outstanding Marxist theoretician, known for deep studies and constant efforts to take theory to higher levels, and one of the very few in India to challenge the obsolete in existing thought and practice. He is well-known for discarding outdated dogmas/concepts, including in Marxism. He did his post-graduation in Botany, transiting to broader areas of natural and social sciencee. He began his career as a student leader, acquiring wide range of practical experience, without giving up theoretical research. He has authored a wide range of books, articles, papers, booklets, reviews, project works etc on philosophy, ecology, politics, social sciences, history, political economy, Marxist theory and theory in general.


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