The Theory of Revolution in the Young Marx (Historical Materialism Series)


ISBN 9789350022894
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ISBN 9789350022894


This book proposes a Marxist analysis of young Marx’s intellectual evolution, from left neo-Hegelianism to his new philosophy of praxis. It distinguishes itself from most other books on the early Marx by its object: the theory of (proletarian) revolutionary self-emancipation, and its method: to understand the movement of Marx’s political and philosophical ideas in relation to the most radical currents in the labour movement of his time (beginning with Chartism and the uprising of the Silesian weavers in 1844). The central theoretical argument of the author is that Marx’s philosophy of praxis-first formulated in theThesis on Feuerbach-is at the same time the founding stone of a new world view, and the methodological basis for the theory of revolutionary self-emancipation.

Michael Löwy, Ph.D. (1947) in Human Sciences, Sorbonne, is Research Director in Sociology at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris. He has published on Marx, Lukas and Walter Benjamin, as well as (with Robert Sayre)Romanticism Against the Tide of Modernity(Duke, 2001).


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