ENTREPRENEURSHIP, POLYCENTRISM AND ELITES: Local Industrial Development in Modern Italy


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ISBN 9789350025987


The book is a cross-section of the over all Italian development. Italy can be considered a microcosm that contains all the imbalances and territorial differences that can be observed in the European macro-areas. Its north can now be considred integrated with the more developed European continental shelf. The Centre represents a local development in transition to a more visible technological change. The late south risks accumulating more socio-economic backwardness.

For these reasons, we believe this volume is useful, with just a few pages presenting one of the most interesting cases of local industrial development, outside the mainstream of the industrial economy which saw in Fordism and Taylorism the best way for industrializaion. Here, on the contrary, it is argued that big fish cannot always consume the smallest one that flickers faster and its flexibility, that has social roots, can be an advantage in global markets. Technology appears to be the key to the future.

Carlo Carboni, full Professor of Economic Sociology, is a visiting Professor at the Institute of Social Sciences in Delhi. He teaches Sociology of Entrpreneurship and Sociology of Technology and Communication at the Faculty of Economics of the Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy. He was awarded a Fort Foundation Fellowship in 1970 (Harvard University 1979-80 and 1980-81 UCSC). His last book was L’implosione della elite, Rubbettino, 2015.

Franceso Orazi is Associate Professor of Economic Sociology at the Polytechnic University of Marche (Ancona). He deals with local development, territorial governance and technologies, as well as immigration, consumption, collective movements and cultural processes. In addition to articles in journals and volume contributions, he has published: Le nuovecomunitadellosviluppo locale, Eso, Napoli, 2011; with Marco Socci and Carlo Carboni, Il Paesechefunziona, Il Mulino, Bologna 2011 etc.


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