Caste, Reservation, Atrocity Law and Discrimination


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ISBN 9789350026601


This book is a collection of essays based on the thoughts generated by teaching courses and doing research related to the sociology of education and sociology of law over the years in TISS. While it takes into account existing thinking on particular matters, it also reaches new junctures and presents them before the public. The collection will be useful to readers in sociology of education, law and social justice. The book consists of three parts focussing on three interrelated issues—caste, reservation, and the atrocity law. Part I deals with some of the contentious theoretical issues about caste. Part II deals with one of the major consequences of the caste system in India—reservation policy. Some of the contested issues of reservation policy are: economic criteria as a basis, of reservation, the issue of ‘creamy layer’ and reservation in the judiciary. Part III deals with the interface between the criminal law and caste.

Sthabir Khora is part of the faculty of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) since 1997. Currently he is Associate Professor in the School of Education. His research and teaching interests are education, sociology of law and rural development. He is also the author of Education and Teacher Professionalism.


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